Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday blues for Fortress Executive

ADB-NYC visited Adam Levinson, Co-Chief Investment Officer, at home on Monday - making sure his week started off with a reminder of the 500 animals that die every day because of Fortress' loans to Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Fortress, stop bailing out the puppy killers of HLS - stop the loans! There's no excuse for animal abuse!

ADB-NYC talked to a lot of Adam Levinson's neighbors, who were appalled that their neighbor was involved in this evil business. Some swore to take action and let Levinson know they were against their dirty dealings at HLS.

ADB-NYC left fliers on cars to let even more know about the evil that is HLS.

HLS is the worst of the worst. Punching beagles in the face - Adam Levinson, what a disgrace!

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