Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day Weekend - day 3

On this third day of Independence Day Weekend, July 5th, 2010, activists visited a man whose company Legg Mason dumps enormous amounts of cash into Fortress, the company who keeps giving Huntingdon Life Sciences their bail-out loans.

At the home of Michael Clarfeld, activists displayed signs featuring the gruesome remains of a beagle puppy tortured to death by sadists at Huntingdon Life Sciences, and bunnies locked in boxes for eye irritation experiments.

Many neighbors took fliers and were disgusted by Clarfeld's connection to this heinous animal abuse, and promised to contact him to ask him to dump their shares of Fortress.

Michael Clarfeld, use your influence at Legg Mason and ask them to divest every cent of their fortress stock. Every one of the 7 million shares. The bail-out loans must end.

Upon leaving, activists fliered the cars in the area, so more people can see the truth about the man behind that security gate.

For the animals we will Fight! How does Clarfeld Sleep at night???