Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Weekend

ADB NYC visits those who support the animal abuse at Huntingdon Life Sciences, on the first day of Independence Day weekend, Saturday July 3rd.

First stop, Wayne Merkelson's home. Wayne Merkelson is general counsel for Novartis, a notorious drug company that tests their worthless human endangering drugs at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Fliers were passed out and neighbors were appalled by Novartis' continued reluctance to issue a statement condemning HLS and promising not to contract with them any more.

Next stop was the Staples store on Broadway and 8th. Again, signs were revealed featuring pictures of the mutilated remains of a beagle puppy tortured to death at HLS. Fliers were passed out pleading Staples to do the right thing and stop supplying animal abusers at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Shoppers, tourists and neighbors looked on in horror at the images of mutilated animals and were shocked to learn of Staples' involvement in the death and destruction that takes place at HLS.

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