Tuesday, September 21, 2010

With Respect To, and in Solidarity With SHAC: A Return visit to Fortress HLS collaborators

Tonight, September 21st, ADB-NYC made a return visit to the building where Christopher Ritchie and Christine Tanoma both reside, to hold another peaceful demonstration against their company Fortress and the bail-out loans provided to Andrew Baker and Brian Cass' house of horrors named Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Huntingdon Life Sciences poisons, burns and mutilates 500 animals a day to test products like suntan lotion, bleach, and toothpaste. The coffee sweetener Splenda was tested at Huntingdon Life Sciences, torturing to death 12,800 animals only so an unhealthy product could be put out on the market.

HLS is the worst of the worst, and have been caught out in now 8 undercover investigations* brutally abusing animals in their care like punching beagle puppies in the face and dissecting live, screaming, monkeys without anesthetic.

HLS cares not one bit for anything but profit and leaves a mountain of tortured, mutilated animals in its wake.

Tonight ADB-NYC had something to say about this insane brutality and let Christine Tanoma and Chris Ritchie's neighbors know the score: Christopher Ritchie and Christine Tanoma's company FORTRESS bailed out Huntingdon Life Sciences and threw them a lifeline loan right before HLS would have had to shut their doors for good and stop obliterating our animal brothers and sisters.

Fortress Investment, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger are to blame for atrocities at Huntingdon Life Sciences that are beyond belief and impossible to describe properly. The carnage is unreal and these people think it's alright as long as their stock goes up a fraction of a percent. ADB-NYC says this "money above all" thinking is evil, and anyone with a conscience should agree.

Chris Ritchie and Christine Tanoma, activists don't believe you're bad people, but you have power to influence Fortress to retract the loan to Huntingdon Life Sciences - speak to your fellow executives and speak to your superiors. Activists do not believe anyone who gives a damn could possibly be in favor of torturing helpless beagle puppies, monkeys and bunnies.

*Way to go on the Florida HLS supplier Primate Products investigation! Thank you, Florida activists, for showing the world the TRUTH. Shut that hellhole down!

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